InstaPill®: Releasing product potential with orally disintegrating tablets

InstaPill® is a fast dissolving, gelatine-free orally dissolving tablet (ODT) offering the highest level of convenience to your patients.

Competitive manufacturing, agile development and taste masking and assessment – our team of experts tailors every project around your needs, from tablet formulation development through clinical trials and into manufacturing, to ensure the best outcome.

We provide comprehensive services from providing proof of concept for your intended molecule and delivering robust data packages in support of your regulatory filings.

Increased bioavailability with dispersion
in 10 seconds

Improved patient compliance
and convenience

Extending product lifecycles with the
potential for increased bioavailability

Partnership opportunities and
accessible medication

Infusing new life into your brand

Our InstaPill® platform helps you develop products with enhanced marketing claims, novel delivery formats, superior caregiver and patient experience and potential exclusivities in the market through regulatory strategies including 505[b][2].

A number of products developed using the InstaPill® platform have already been filed, approved and commercialized in US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia.

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The InstaPill® Edge

Increased bioavailability

  • Our rapid dissolve tablets are ideal for medications where the bioavailability of the active ingredient is low.
  • Disintegrating in 10 seconds making it ideal for medications where fast onset is desirable.
  • Medication can be absorbed immediately through the local oromucosal, sublingual or buccal tissues, it does not have to withstand the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal tract (GI).

Improving patient convenience and compliance

  • InstaPill® orally disintegrating tablets don’t require water or swallowing, making them ideal for patients suffering from dysphagia, and leave no grittiness compared to conventional ODTs, providing patients an improved mouth-feel.
  • Convenient, on-the-go administration facilitates improved patient compliance and heightens patient preference, giving your product a competitive edge.
  • Our ODT technology also allows for taste masking and flavor enhancement and is gelatin-free, helping you meet market demand for products free from animal derivatives.

Extending your product lifecycle

  • Our top-class innovation and technology expertise means we can support you with lifecycle management programs, including reformulating existing medication, extending patent lifecycles and improving formulations using novel delivery formats.
  • These customized solutions can offer potential exclusivities using regulatory strategies such as 505[b][2].

Partnership opportunities

  • Brand and molecule life cycle management activities for existing products.
  • Several products under development and under filing available for licensing combined with supply arrangements.
  • Customised solutions for potential market exclusivity.
  • Partnering at an early stage of drug development so you can take advantage of the functional benefits of InstaPill® and improve market competitiveness.

Making medication accessible

  • Our ODT technology offer you the potential to develop new alternative administration methods for injectable medications, such as vaccines, as well as combination products and therapeutics for neurological disorders.
  • Unique aseptic and lyophilization capabilities mean we can work with any of your molecules that have challenging handling requirements.

Releasing product potential with rapid dissolve tablets

Agile partners, helping you to address the needs of your customers quickly.

We provide innovative solutions and a wealth of knowledge to expand the possibilities of your products and give you a competitive advantage.

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