Lifecycle Management

We are your partner of choice for the development of rapid dissolve tablets that facilitate brand lifecycle management solutions, including reformulating existing medication, extending patent lifecycles and improving formulations using novel delivery formats.

The InstaPill® lifecycle management program supports you from molecule to market, including laboratory development, scale-up, exhibit, full-scale commercial manufacturing, regulatory submission and product launch.

Our platform can be easily extended to a wide range of products across multiple therapeutic classes and dosage strengths and our proactive approach helps you meet all stakeholder expectations exploring technological advancements and adapt to changes.

Delivering dosage form exclusivity through a scaled, lyophilized orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) manufacturing platform, we offer a quick go-to-market strategy and extended market exclusivity with minimal competition compared to conventional dosage forms.

While infusing new life into your brand, we offer solutions to help you design products with enhanced marketing claims, novel delivery formats, superior caregiver and patient experience and accelerated approval strategies, including the FDA’s 505[b][2].

The InstaPill® advantage

  • Enhanced market appeal
  • High level of customer preference
  • Unique packaging design with child resistance option
  • Faster onset of action
  • Taste masked products for markets including OTC and veterinary use
  • Extended patents and potential market exclusivities.

Release Your Potential With Rapid Dissolve Tablets

Agile partners, helping you to address the needs of your customers quickly.

We provide innovative solutions and a wealth of knowledge to expand the possibilities of your products and give you a competitive advantage.

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