InstaPill® Bio

Our specialists help you design, develop and manufacture high-performing RDT formulations that provide alternative administration routes for your large molecule.

Developing more convenient and patient-friendly biologic medicines , we can help reduce the complexity of administration for patients and primary healthcare providers and help improve compliance of dose administration versus current injectable offerings on the market.

Dissolving in under 10 seconds, our RDTs have the potential to avoid the harsh conditions of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract with direct absorption through the local oromucosal, sublingual or buccal tissues, with the potential to facilitate faster onset of your desired therapeutic action. Combined with enhanced taste-masking technologies and improved mouth-feel, we help you innovate to meet patient preferences for biologic medications and create enhanced marketing claims.

From proof-of-concept to end-product, we efficient support scale-up and have in-house manufacturing capabilities to commercialize your product.

Specialist Formulation Support

Our expert team help you to identify relevant molecule characteristics and design RDT formulations using bioadhesives and permeation enhancers to optimize absorption. Formulations are developed to withstand acid and enzyme impact, a must for successful sublingual administration.

To meet the desired quality target product profile (QTPP), our team monitor water activity throughout formulation development, ensuring stability and the required permeability are delivered.

Lyophilization Expertise

Our suite of aseptic and lyophilization capabilities mean we can support any biologic molecules that has challenging handling requirements, developing and manufacturing formulations with minimal degradation which is vital for sensitive and thermolabile actives.

Helping you conserve limited, high value active biologic material and ensure efficacy and safety, we maintain dosage uniformity through state-of-the-art dispensing mechanisms in the filling process.

With expertise in optimizing lyophilization cycles using advanced technologies, we help to make your products more affordable. Lyophilized RDTs can also simplify and reduce your supply chain costs compared to liquid biologics which often require cold-chain storage and logistics.

InstaPill® Advantage:

  • Gelatin-free formulation for wider patient acceptance
  • Injectables alternative – unburdening primary healthcare and reducing costs and complexity for patients
  • Dedicated suites for scale-up and manufacturing
  • Support for lifecycle management programs, including reformulating existing medication, extending patent lifecycles and improving formulations using novel delivery formats.

Releasing biologic product potential with rapid dissolve tablets

Agile partners, helping you to address the needs of your patients quickly.

From biologics formulation development to scale-up and manufacture, we provide innovative solutions and a wealth of knowledge to expand the possibilities of your products and give you a competitive advantage.

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