Releasing Product Potential.

Tenshi / InstaPill®’s proprietary Lyophilized Orally Disintegrating Tablets experts provide innovative solutions to expand the reach of your products and give you a competitive advantage. By leveraging the proprietary orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology, InstaPill® provides extensive support to extend your product’s life.

Why InstaPill®?

InstaPill® is a fast-dissolving, gelatin-free orally dissolving tablet (ODT) manufacturing platform offering the highest level of convenience to your patients. InstaPill® ODTs disperse in seconds without water and are effortless to swallow improving patient compliance. Utilizing versatile taste-masking tools, InstaPill® ODTs are pleasantly flavoured with no grittiness, increasing patient preference. InstaPill® ODT technology offers a novel delivery format for vaccines, and bioequivalent formulations of even combination products. Our expert team will design a patient centric InstaPill® formulation for your brand and assist with development and regulatory strategies to give a competitive advantage.

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At InstaPill®, our team have extensive experience across formulation, scale-up and manufacturing. InstaPill® is an efficient CDMO partner with QbD and DoE principles for formulation and process development, and highly automated state-of-the-art commercial manufacturing facilities. Combining innovation and expertise with our ODT technology, InstaPill® develops lyophilised, gelatin-free ODTs and leverages proven taste masking, flavour optimisation approaches to improve the palatability of ODTs without altering the pharmacological parameters. With 5 filed dossiers of our own, our in-house regulatory and clinical expertise supports partners to manage Bio-Equivalence studies, eCTD production, regulatory filings and accelerated approval strategies for seamless market launch.

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Drug delivery strategies with maximized patient compliance and convenience

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InstaPill®: Releasing product potential with rapid dissolve tablets

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