InstaPill®: releasing product potential with expert solutions

At InstaPill® our proprietary orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology opens up a world of opportunity to extend your product lifecycle, overcome formulation challenges and meet patient preferences for orally disintegrating tablets.

By forming true partnerships with our customers, we offer you flexible and agile solutions tailored to your project requirements and work to get your products to market quickly, reducing both cost and complexity.

We are experts in working with ODT technology and tablet formulations. Driven to achieve the best outcomes for you. It’s what we do all day, every day. Releasing product potential to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

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Why InstaPill®?

We provide innovative RDT solutions and access to a team of experts to release the potential of your products and give you a competitive advantage.

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About Tenshi Kaizen (TK)

The parent company of InstaPill®, Tenshi Kaizen is focused on delivering advanced finished dosage products driven by proprietary technology platforms, global infrastructure, and a robust quality system.

The company’s strategy is aligned with the founder’s ethos of producing reliable and cost-effective pharmaceuticals with speed and agility.

TK has two proprietary technology platforms:

    • InstaPill® – technology for orally disintegrating tablets
    • StrainBoost® – the world’s first thermostable probiotics platform

Building on a strong global network, TK is committed to fulfilling the demands of the world markets by anticipating the future needs and pioneering strategic new in-roads into the commercial pharmaceutical sector.